Yay! You found us! It’s fate…It’s kismet….okay so maybe it’s Google…So what! We’re glad you’re here. 

At Geekery Gal Jewelry and Sass, we work to bring a little joy into your world by celebrating that crazy thing you love, and by inspiring you when you need a pick me up. We assume that what you love makes you beautiful and we’re proud to celebrate that in everything we do!

We also love doing good! 10% of all of our sales go to charity.

Everything we sell  is made by hand and priced carefully so that you get a piece that is affordable and fun, and I get the ability to keep doing this without dipping into my daughter’s college fund. We sell on Etsy and at a variety of shows around town, but our favorite jobs are commissions and special orders; our best pieces are the pieces we make that reflect all that is wonderful about you!  If you’re a burlesque dancer who loves Marvel, or a runner who raises money for domestic violence awareness, I can make a piece that is as awesome and fun as you! Check us out!

Show Schedule!

We are always looking to get our Geek on.


Fair Date Location
Apple Butter Festival-Kimswick MO October 29-30 Down at the end of the row near the Apple Butter Pavilion-Look for the red tent
Fox High School November 5-6 C39
MCCA Craft Fair-Jefferson College November 19 Fieldhouse



Fair Date Location
STL Comics January 22 Holiday Inn Watson-Rte 66
Parkway North High School November 2017 TBD

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Buy anything in the month of Oct. and we’ll double our charitable contribution! Also, take a pic and share it on our social media for a special coupon code. We also have a brand new line of Breast Cancer Awareness bling to support our friends in their Making Strides campaigns.



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